Conference Research Title Datesort icon
Scientific Conference for Agricultural Research (SCAR2012) Prevalence and Diversity of Gastrointestinal ‎Parasite in Small Ruminants Under Two ‎Different Rearing Systems in Jenin District ‎of Palestine Sun, 2012-03-25
9th Symposium of Animal Nutrition Feed Industry in Palestine. Egyptian Society of Nutrition Thu, 2001-12-20
Egyptian Society of Nutrition. 8th Symposium of Animal Nutrition. Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, 23- 26th October 2001 Comparison and evaluation of Awassi lambs fattening systems in Palestine Tue, 2001-10-23
2nd Science Conference. Damascus, Syria Visceral Organ Mass of Broilers Fed Different Levels of Olive Cake Fri, 2000-12-01
11th Conference of the Egyptian Society of Animal Production Feed Industry in Palestine Mon, 2000-11-06
The First Medical and Biological Conference The Insolence of Scabies in Livestock in ‎Palestine Thu, 1999-04-01