Conference Research Title Datesort icon
MAS Institute Annual conference, September 2006, in Ramallah, Palestine Future prospects of Palestinian laborers in Israel Thu, 2006-06-01
International Conference on Employment in Palestine The Palestinian Laborers in Israel, Palestinian Ministry of Labor Thu, 1998-01-01
Euro-Mediterranean Social Space: Labour, Enterprise and Training Policies for the Creation of Enterprises and for SMEs Development in South and East Mediterranean: Employment Priorities Fri, 1996-05-24
Economic Research Forum Unemployment in the OPT and Employment Policies Fri, 1995-12-01
The Symposium on the Labor Force in the OPT in Jerusalem, 3-4/4/1994, ILO, Arab Economists Association, An-Najah National University, Jerusalem, 1994 Labor Demand and Supply in the OPT: Present and Future Sun, 1994-04-03
Arab Labor Organization Employment and Unemployment in Palestine