Conferencesort icon Research Title Date
36th Southeastern Regional Meeting (ACS) The Synthesis Of 2,2-Diallyltriazanium Chloride and 1,1,1-Trialylhydrazinium Chloride and Their Polymerization Wed, 1984-10-24
36th Southeastern Regional Meeting, (ACS) Reactions of Dinitrogen Tetroxide with Crown Ethers and Other Cyclic Nitrogen and Oxygen Bases Wed, 1984-10-24
Environmental Protection and Environmental Awareness in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip Effect of Irrigation with Lead and Cadmium on the Growth and on the Metal Uptake of Cauliflower, Spinach and Parsley Thu, 1994-12-15
Roundtable Meeting of QAA of the OIC Member Countries General Aspects of Higher Education, and Quality Assurance System in Palestine Fri, 2009-11-13
The First Palestinian Chemical Conference Stoichiometry, kinetics and mechanism of oxidation L-cysteine by hexacyanoferrate (III) in acidic media Wed, 1992-07-29
The International Meeting on Trace Elements in Human Health and Disease Removal of Lead from Polluted Water Using Decaying Leaves Sun, 1994-06-19