Conference Research Title Datesort icon
Second conference of the Department of Biological Sciences, An-Najah N. University, Nablus Analysis of Inhabitants Attitudes Towards the use and the Effect of the Solid Waste Landfill Near Beit Furike Thu, 1994-12-15
First annual conference of Palestinean Society of Mathematical Sciences, Birzeit Univeirsity Two Non-parametric Multivariate Tests for Homogeneity: A Monte Carlo Study Wed, 1993-06-16
the Annual Meeting of the American Statistical Association, Anaheim, California, 1990 A Nonparametric Multivariate Test for Homogeneity Based on All Nearest Neighbors Mon, 1990-08-06
The Annual Meeting of the American College of Neuropsychopharmacology, Mani, Hawaii 1989 Oxytocin Effects on Attention and Subjective Assessment of Mental State Mon, 1989-12-11
19th Annual Meeting of the Society for Neuroscience Abstracts Vol. 15, (1989), #425.9 Basal Forebrain Facilitation of Lordosis by Oxytocin Is Blocked By a Uteronic Antagonist Sun, 1989-01-01
the Annual meeting of the American Public Health Association, Boston, Massachusetts, (1988) Maternal Work and low Birthweight: Does a Relationship Really Exist Mon, 1988-11-14