Design Equation For Predicting Fire Resistance Of Reinforced Concrete Beams

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Engineering Structures Volume 33, Issue 2, February 2011, Pages 602–614
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V.K.R. Kodur
Center on Structural Fire Engineering and Diagnostics, Department of Civil and Environ. Engineering, 3580 Engineering Building, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI 48824-1226, United States
M.B. Dwaikat
An-Najah National University, West Bank, Palestine
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An approach for evaluating the fire resistance of reinforced concrete (RC) beams is presented in this paper. A macroscopic finite element model is applied to study the influence of various parameters on the fire resistance of RC beams. Data from parametric studies is utilized to develop a simplified expression for evaluating the fire resistance of an RC beam as a function of influencing parameters. The validity of the proposed approach is established by comparing the fire resistance predictions with those obtained from finite element studies as well as from fire resistance tests. Predictions from the proposed equation are also compared with fire resistance estimates from current codes of practice. The applicability of the approach to design situations is illustrated through a numerical example. The proposed rational approach expresses fire resistance in terms of conventional structural and material design parameters, and thus facilitates easy evaluation of fire resistance. The proposed approach provides better estimates than those from current codes of practice and thus can be used to evaluate the fire resistance of RC beams with an accuracy that is adequate for design purposes.
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