Developing A Business Performance Management Model For Paltel Group - Palestine

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Ahmad Hasan Maharma
Developing A Business Performance Management Model For Paltel Group - Palestine3.01 MB
Dynamic environment of telecommunication industry, high-level of competition and increased customers' expectations have made necessity of getting awareness of attaining a comprehensive performance management model, confident, trustable and flexible. Business Performance Management (BPM) is an incredible method as it helps organizations to plan, monitor, analyze, and manage business more effectively by providing a comprehensive view for enterprise. This research contributes to providing decision makers with a systematic approach for establishing a visual strategy map with a consideration of the involved causal relationships among Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s). Performance Management Committee (PMC) from Paltel Group in cooperation with the researchers reviewed and formulated Paltel Group strategy to identify business strategy and construct Balance Scorecard (BSC), also, build strategy map to measure financial and non-financial indicators. A proposed framework in this research would be a useful and valuable reference to measure actual performance against target values, and facilitate review and divide results to understand the post actions taken resulting in the current position. This research proposes a model based on the Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) and BSC for evaluating the performance of Paltel Group. The analytic hierarchy is structured by the four major perspectives of the BSC including financial, customer, internal process, and learning and growth, followed by performance indicators.