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Published Research “An Introduction to Computers Course for Non Majors,” First Conference on Information Technology for Higher Education in Palestine,” Wael Abdullah Mustafa 2015-07-14 09:01
Published Research “And we are now of Clay and Light”: History, Myth, and the Palestinian National Memory in Mahmud Darwish’s Poetry Abdel Karim Daraghmeh 2012-12-12 14:16
Published Research “A‎ Once‎ in‎ a‎ Lifetime‎ Experience‖:‎ The‎ Practice Placement in Palestine Project (PPP)—A‎ Report‖” Nabil Mahmoud Alawi 2015-04-07 12:07
Published Research “Computing Optimal (s,D) Inventory Problems Under Continuous Review with Geometric, Exponential and Uniform Demand Mohammad Najeeb Assad 2014-07-22 10:29
Thesis/Graduation Project Supervision “Evaluation of Assessment Practices in English Writing for High school Palestinian Students Ahmed Awad Amin Raba' 2015-03-22 20:19
Published Research “Factors Affecting the Prices of Industrial Companies Stocks Listed on the Palestine Securities Exchange: An applied Study 2004-2008” Sam Abdalqader Fares Alfoqahaa 2013-02-13 22:40
Published Research “Math. Courses at Arab Universities Mohammad Najeeb Assad 2015-10-08 08:03
Published Research “On-line estimation of rotor resistant of induction motor using recurrent neural networks Samer Mayaleh 2015-09-16 15:03
Published Research “Population Policy” in Population Communication Hussein Ahmad Yousef "Ali Ahmad" 2013-02-10 14:51
Published Book/Book Chapter “principles of finance” first Edition. Muffed A. Thaher 2015-07-27 07:35
General Article “Teaching practices of faculty members in a student centered setting”, Dana Omar abdulkareem Adas 2016-02-14 20:36
Published Research “The 2006 Israeli-Lebanese War: Impact on Arab Citizens in Israel” Massoud Eghbarieh 2015-07-27 13:44
Published Research “The Pragmatic Functions of the Recitation of Qur’anic Verses by Muslims in their Oral Genre: The case of Insha’Allah, ‘God’s willing" Ayman R. Nazzal 2013-02-17 11:36
Published Research “Training in the Vocational Education” – Mass Institute Suleiman Zakareyya Daifi 2015-07-12 11:15
Thesis/Graduation Project Supervision “Urban Safety” Urban Design From Women's Perspective Study Case: Nablus Dr. Haithem F. Al-Ratrout 2014-04-20 09:29
Published Research “Violence at Schools Massoud Eghbarieh 2015-07-29 09:02
Published Research • Assali, A; Eideh, B., Ayyoub, A. (2012). Evaluating social studies curriculum based on social curriculum standards. Social studies conference for quality in social studies. Hebron-Palestine. Bilal Abu Eideh 2015-07-26 13:03
Published Research • Eideh, B. (2009). Cultural Historical Activity Theory and Curriculum Characteristics. . First Educational Conference . Nablus – Palestine. Najah National University. Bilal Abu Eideh 2015-07-26 13:02
Academic Conference • HASYLAB Annual users meeting, DESY Hamburg-Germany 27-28 Jan. 2005 (Poster contribution) Mohammed Suleiman Shtaya 2011-08-21 12:36
Academic Conference • International symposium on Materials issues in a hydrogen economy 12-15 Nov.2007 Richmond, Virginia, USA. Mohammed Suleiman Shtaya 2011-08-21 12:42
Academic Conference • International symposium on metal-Hydrogen systems Fundamentals and application Annecy-France 2-6 Sep. 2002 (talk contribution) Mohammed Suleiman Shtaya 2011-08-21 12:33
Academic Conference • International symposium on metal-Hydrogen systems Fundamentals and application Cracow-Poland 5-10 Sep. 2004 (poster contribution) Mohammed Suleiman Shtaya 2011-08-21 12:35
Academic Conference • International symposium on metal-Hydrogen systems Fundamentals and application Hawaii, Sep. 2006 (talk contribution O-164) Mohammed Suleiman Shtaya 2011-08-21 12:40
Ongoing Research • Magnetic properties of nanoparticles Mohammed Suleiman Shtaya 2011-08-21 12:12
Attended Workshop • Multidisciplinary Intensive Course for Palestinian students loai Abu Raida 2011-02-27 10:48