1st International Conference on Industrial, Systems and Manufacturing Engineering,(ISME’14) At Amman

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Research Title: 
Performance Improvement Using the Single Minute Exchange of Die (SMED) Methodology in an Aluminum Profiles Extrusion Production System
Ramiz Assaf
tamer haddad
Performance_Improvement_Using_the_Single_Minute_Exchange_of_Die_(SMED)_Methodology_in_an_Aluminum_Profiles_Extrusion_Production_System.pdf794.98 KB
Research Abstract: 

The current political and economic environment in Palestine forces factories to strive to run on minimum possible cost to be able to survive. In this work we present an application of Single Minute Exchange of Dies (SMED) in a Palestinian Aluminum profile company. The company has an extrusion line that works in batches, and often needs changing of dies. The work shows how this approach is applied and how much it can save for the factory. Initial results show that implementing SMED can generate savings that range from 5% - 15% in running cost, simultaneously increasing production capacity.