Industrial Technology (ICIT), 2013 IEEE International Conference on

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Research Title: 
Optimal sizing of a PV/wind/diesel hybrid energy system for Malaysia
Azah Mohamed
Tamer T.N. Khatib
Sat, 2012-12-01
Research Abstract: 

This paper presents an optimization of a micro grid that consists ofphotovoltaic (PV) array, wind turbine, diesel generator and storage battery. The aim of the optimization is to design a system that operates at minimum cost and maximum availability. The mathematical models for the system components and meteorological variables, such as solar energy, temperature and wind speed, are employed for this purpose. The results showed that the optimum sizing ratios for the PV array, wind turbine, diesel generator, and battery for a system are 0.737, 0.46, 0.22 and 0.17 respectively. The results have been validated by comparing the proposed optimization method with the method in the HOMER software.