Titlesort icon Journal Title, Volume, Page Full Text Year of Publication
Coloration Matrices Abhath Al - Yarmouk “ Pure science and Engineering series” ‎ Vol 2, No 2, 1993, pp 17 – 23‎ 1993
The Distance Spectrum of the Path Pn and the First Distance Eigenvector of Connected Graphs Linear and Multilinear Algebra Volume 28, Issue 1-2 1990
The Eigenvalues of The Matrix of Distance Recirocals in The Graphs K(r, n-r) AND Cn Hebron University Research Journal(A). Vol.(6), pp.(35–46)   2012
The Spectrum of the Coloration Matrix for the Complete Partite Graph Hebron University Research Journal (A). Vol.(5), pp.(93 –99)   2011