Eleventh International Water Technology Conference, IWTC11

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Research Title: 
Management Options of Wadi Faria Baseflow
Sameer Shadeed
Hafez Shaheen
Anan Jayyousi
Mon, 2007-01-01
Management Options of Wadi Faria Baseflow1.32 MB
Research Abstract: 

The availability of adequate water of appropriate quality has become a limiting factor for development, worldwide. In arid and semi-arid regions, where water scarcity is a dominant problem, the overexploitation of water resources threatens to deteriorate the availability of these natural resources. Wadi Faria catchments, located within the Jordan River Basin in Palestine, are under arid and semiarid conditions as characterized by the scarcity of its natural water resources and the low per capita water allocation. Wadi Faria is a perennial stream in which 11 fresh water springs form the baseflow. Annual discharges from these springs vary from less than 4 to 42 MCM with an approximate average of 13.5 MCM. These available water resources have sustainable-yield limits that do not meet the water needs. Management of the available water in Wadi Faria is essential for the sustainable development of the area. This has compelled the motivation for developing a set of management options to optimally manage the baseflow of Wadi Faria as a necessary step towards developing its water resources. This paper explores management options to set the framework for decision-making in regard of efficient practices that can be adopted to manage the scarce water resources of Wadi Faria catchments.