Quality of life for patient with type II Diabetes in Nort West Bank

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Graduation Project
Osama Showli
Alaa Sarsure
Ahmad Naalwa
Ahmad Rsheed
Sulaiman Hawari
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Background: The number of people with diabetes mellitus (DM) is increasing. For chronic illnesses such as DM, where there is no cure. Diabetes is Know to strongly affect the health-related quality of life (HRQOL).

Aim: To determine quality of life and some factors affecting it in type 2 diabetic patients.

Method: Cross-sectional study was conducted in five primary health care (PHC) centers in the North of West Bank area. From a random sample of 160 type 2 diabetic patients (80 males and 80 females), participant age range from (35-70 year). The Arabic version of the SF-36 questionnaire was used as a health survey tool to measure the quality of life (QOL) of patients in this study.

Result: The result of this study was the general health for 60% of participant is fair and poor status, the 38.7% of participant see their health is Somewhat worse now than a year ago, Pts didn’t know the outcome of their disease and treatment, the (DM) pts become nervously, depressed a good bit of the time,(30%) they have moderately of pain,(38.2%) of participant their pain moderately interfere with normal work, (41.3%) that social relationship slightly limited and (35.6%) of participant are social activities is limited in some times.

As a factor affecting the life we fund the gender as female is more affected than male and the age grope (58-70 years) is the most affected physically and patients with low educational level suffer from poor quality of life and there is no relationship between the quality of life and places of residence.

Conclusion: Quality of life was lower in type 2 diabetic patients and was affected by many factors. Females had lower quality of life than males, also ages and educational level associated with impaired QOL in at least one SF-36 subscale, and there some factor don’t affect them like places of resident. Improving QOL in diabetic patients is important.

Key words: diabetes mellitus, health-related quality of life, Quality of life