Experience of Diabetic Patients after an Amputation in Nablus City .

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Graduation Project
Ahmad Khlaif
Ibrahim Eid
Wadee Zain Al‐Deen
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To investigate the degree of acceptance and experience for diabetic patient after an amputation, and coping mechanisms they used, in their new situation.

And make recommendations to enhance their quality of life.


this study was designed as a descriptive, qualitative study, using semi-structured interviews.

A convenient sample composed of diabetic patients who have an amputation, account 14 patients, from Nablus City who had been selected from three clinics.

Population ages range between (40_78) years, and the average age (61.07) years.


four themes emerged from an interview:

Burdens of activities in daily living, Impact on feelings and concerns services and support needed, Barriers to health and well-being.

Then we make analysis and interpretation for these interviews.


Most of patients express satisfaction and acceptance for their new situation, but there are different factors still affect negatively on their health including: low educational level and awareness, low financial support, bad physical and environmental structure surround them, psychological burden as a result of amputation…, and some of them experience decrease in identity and self-steam specially as result of sexual deficiency.