Science Teacher Preparation Programs In Palestine: Reality And Perspectives

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ورقة مقدمة في المؤتمر التربوي الأول جامعة بيت لحم 1996
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Shehadeh Mustafa Shehadeh Abdo
Department Of Teaching Methods, Faculty of Educational Sciences, An-Najah National University, Nablus, P. O. Box 7, Palestine
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The aim of this research paper was to demonstrate the reality of Science  Teacher Preparation Programs in Palestine through defining systems, disadvantages ,aims, planning bases, students characteristics, technique of supervision, the roles of science teacher education programs in teaching professionalism and teaching professionalization, and the challenges facing science teacher finishing these programs in our society. Also, this research paper aims to demonstrate the perspectives for science teacher proparation programs in Palestine through defining: types, advantages, aims, planning bases, characteristics of science teacher, suggested techniques of supervision on student teacher, new perspectives for evaluation of students teacher, the role of science teacher preparation programs in teaching professionalism, teacher professionalization, and retention in teaching, and challenges facing science teacher finishing these programs in the futures. From the analysis of the reality of the science teacher preparation programs in Palestine, the researcher deduced that the weakness of science teacher preparation programs may be due to : Content and Structure of Programs, techniques of evaluation, the lenient procedures of the granting of teaching certification and graduate science teacher preparation programs. Thus, A number of suggestions for the Ministry of Higher Education, and a number of suggestions for researcher were put forward to generalize  and enhance the results of the study by research.