1st International Conference on Building Sustainability Assessment

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Research Title: 
Integrated Approach for Intelligent Envelope Design Simulation performance of building envelope design strategies and technologies during the early design stage
S. Monna
Wed, 2012-05-23
Research Abstract: 
The increase in complexity for building design has led to intelligent envelope design and integrating simulation performance evaluation. Moreover, there is a very limited guidance for architects and façade engineers to be able to understand and integrate the simulation performance in the early design stage. This paper concerned about the integrated approach for intelligent building envelope design and simulation performance during the early design stage. This approach aims to put the necessary tool in the hands of architects and façade engineers so they can make informed decisions over optimizing building envelope performance. The integrated approach could be applied for a wide range of buildings type and climate context, however the research will address the tall office building type and hot arid climate context to be an example of application in the research study. The research methodology is based on analyzing case studies, computer performance simulation and a questionnaire survey. The case studies aim to underline the most important parameters that have the most effects on envelope performance. The simulation aims at evaluating the effects those parameters have on building performance. The questionnaire survey aims at underline the problems and the challenges of integrating building performance simulation in the early design stage. The outcome of the survey provides an outline how the designer regards the use of building performance simulation and emphasizes the way to integrate the building simulation in the early design stage. Adequate climatic strategies for intelligent envelope design in hot climates were determined. The research provides a series of practical guidelines for the implementation of building performance simulation for intelligent envelop design in the early design stage. Keywords: building envelope, intelligent design, performance simulation, comfort, energy efficiency