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Proceedings of the Revitalization of the Old City of Jerusalem(Al-Quds) Seminar, Jerusalem (Al-Quds),The Welfare Association,1999 Transportation in the Old City of Jerusalem (Al-Quds) Fri, 1999-01-01
Proceedings of the Conference on the Role of Scientific Research in Low Cost Road Projects, The Union of the Arab Scientific Research Councilsand the Jordanian Ministry of Public Works, Amman, Jordan,1998 Implementing a Pavement Management System and Development of a Road Rehabilitation Planfor Village Access Roads in the West Bank, Palestine Thu, 1998-01-01
Reconstructionin Palestine:Issues, Options, Policiesand Strategies, Zahlan,A. (ed.), Arab Unity Study Center, Beirut, Lebanon,1997-in Arabic Transportation Planningin Palestine Wed, 1997-01-01
The Proceedings of The Jordanian Conferenceon Traffic and Environment, University of Jordan,1997 Traffic System Management: An Appropriate Approachto Solve Traffic Problemsin Medium-Sized Urban Areas Wed, 1997-01-01
The Proceedings of The Modernization of Engineering Works Conference, University of Aleppo, Syria, 1996,pp.755-770 Traffic Systems Management for Urban Areasin Developing Countries: Case Study:Ramallah /Al-Bireh, Palestine Fri, 1995-12-01
Urban Planning and Development for Ramallah/Al-Bireh Area Workshop Proceedings, Ministry of Planningand International Co-operation, July 1995 Transportation Planning for Ramallah/Al-Bireh Area: Needsand Directions for Future Planning Sat, 1995-07-01
The Seminar: Water Problem in the Middle East. Middle East Studies Centre, Amman Water Problem in Palestine Part II: Water Problem, its Features, Dimensions and Solutions Sun, 1995-01-01
The Seminar: Water Problem in the Middle East. Middle East Studies Centre, Amman Water Problem in Palestine Part I: Palestinian Water Resources Sun, 1995-01-01
The United Nations Conferenceon Tradeand Development, Geneva,1994 Public Utilities in the West Bank and Gaza Strip Thu, 1994-12-01
Proceedings of the First Palestinian Conferencein Civil Engineering, An-Najah National University, Nablus,1993, pp.280-305 Road Safety in the West Bank Wed, 1992-12-02
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