International Conference on Traffic and Transportation Studies (ICTTS). 2002, Guilin, China

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Research Title: 
An Overview of Road Safety in the Palestinian Territories
Sameer Abu-Eisheh
Fawz Kobari
Tue, 2002-07-23
Research Abstract: 

One of the major problems facing the newly established Palestinian National Authority (PNA) is traffic accidents. Several thousands of casualties are injured or killed in road accidents each year. In addition, the accidents form a considerable burden on the developing Palestinian economy. Since the establishment of the PNA in 1994 on parts of the Palestinian territories after years of Israeli occupation, changes in the political, demographic, and economic conditions are observed. Such changes resulted in increased motorization levels, and higher travel activities and traffic accidents. This paper addresses the developments in road safety in the Palestinian territories during the period 1970–1998. During this period, the number of reported accidents increased from 908 to 5945. The fatality rate per 10,000 vehicles reached to 14.2 in 1998. Such rate in the Palestinian territories in 1996 is about 4 times that of Israel, but forms about 75% of the respective rate of Jordan. The paper analyzes the development of road safety indicators before and after the establishment of the PNA. It investigates differences in road safety between the two physically-separated parts of the Palestinian territories, the West Bank and Gaza Strip, which exhibit different socio-economic characteristics as well. The paper also presents the major causes of accidents. Finally, a number of strategies, policies and actions are suggested to improve road safety in the Palestinian territories.