The Role of Perceived Information Value as a Mediator Variable of the Relationship Between Consumers Membership in the Virtual Communities and Online Shopping Intentions in Palestine

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Jordan Journal of Business Administration, Volume 9, Issue 2, pp. 294-320
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he main purpose of this study is fourfold: to investigate the relationship between virtual communities, the perceived value of the information obtained by consumers as a result of their membership in virtual communities, consumers online shopping intentions, and the mediating effect of the perceived value of information. To achieve the purpose of this study, a number of hypotheses were developed, and data were collected using an online survey with a national convenience sample of 682 individuals who are members in the virtual communities. The study found out that the consumer membership in the virtual communities has a significant effect on the perceived value of information, and on consumers online shopping intentions. The study also found out that the perceived value of information has a significant effect on consumers online shopping intentions. Moreover, perceived value of information appears to play an important mediating role in increasing the strength of the association between consumer membership in virtual communities and consumers online shopping intentions. The study provides a number of recommendations, including encouraging business organizations to develop E-marketing strategies to transform consumers positive online shopping intentions into an actual purchasing behavior focusing on informational content in virtual communities.

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