Conceptualizing the Role of Leadership for Cultural Diversity Through Linking Chaos and Complexity Theories

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International Business Management
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Sam Alfoqahaa
Department of Marketing, Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences, An-Najah National University, Nablus, Palestine
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Department of Marketing, Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences, An-Najah National University
Eleri Jones
Cardiff, UK
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Director of Research Cardiff School of Management Cardiff Metropolitan University
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This paper offers a theory on the role of leadership in leading cultural diversity towards innovation, stability and development rather than conflict and fragmentation through linking chaos and complexity theories in today’s worldwide situation of cultural confrontation. The  argument here is that the leadership concept is adaptable and can make use of cultural diversity, in that if diversity is left alone it will not produce the so called integration and stability, it probably leads to conflict and confrontation. Much has emphasized in literature about diversity and less about the role that leadership can play in this regard, so, cultural diversity is appreciated but still lacking for the leadership that can transform it from difference and disagreement to unity and development. This research presents an interdisciplinary perspective to understanding and analyzing the role of leadership in transforming diversity into integration. The conceptual work analyzing and presenting how leaders can transform chaos (randomness) to order (integration) through their qualities of visionary, tolerance and non-violence.

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