The Second International Conference for Learning and Teaching in the Digital World \ Smart Learning

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Research Title: 
Analyzing the economic impact of e-learning*
Sam Abd Al-Qadir Alfoqahaa
Wed, 2017-03-29
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Research Abstract: 

This study analyzed the economic impact of e-learning practices at the individual and institutional levels. The study discussed three main dimensions, namely general education, economic development, skills and the labor market, and the cost-benefit of e-learning. The study conceptualized the impact of e-learning practices through conducting an analytical review of published research findings on the topic, as well exploring the Palestinian experience in this area. The study concluded that ICT applications in education contributes economic growth through the influence of such practices on the general education, in addition to the impact of e-learning on the skills of individuals enabling them to join the labor market more efficiently, and finally, the study concluded though cost-benefit analysis that e-learning long-term benefits outweigh its short term costs. The study discussed a number of implications aimed at promoting investment in e-learning.