First conference on "consumerism"

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Research Title: 
Food Deserts & Deprivation in Palestine
Sam Abd al-Qadir ALFOQAHAA
Wed, 2011-03-16
صحاري الغذاء والحرمان في فلسطين.doc197 KB
Research Abstract: 
This study aimed to explore the existence of the Food Deserts phenomenon in Palestine, in addition to deprivation, resulting there from, through addressing the three dimensions of the phenomenon of Food Deserts which are the  availability of quality nutritious food provided by retailers, the ability of consumers to have access to food and  consumers affordability of healthy foods. Exploratory and descriptive methodology was adopted and analysis of published statistical data as well as relevant literature survey were conducted. The study was limited to the governorates of the West Bank, and concluded that the Palestinian consumer suffers from the phenomenon of Food Deserts because of the low percentage of a large retailer i.e. Supermarkets, the inaccessibility to the places where healthy and quality food is available, and also the lack of ability to pay for such food. Findings indicated also that the population of rural areas and refugee camps are the most vulnerable to Food Deserts. Accordingly and Inter alia, the consumer suffers from the deprivation of basic requirements of life.

Key words: FoodDeserts, Deprivation in Palestine, Retailers, Consumers.