The 10th International Scientific Conference. The Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences: Exploring The Future Of The International Trade In The Light Of The World Trade Organization . ISSN 2072 - 8867. Zarqa University, Zarqa–Jordan

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Research Title: 
The requirements for the Arab countries to benefit from WTO membership: Proposed accession of Jordan to the Gulf Cooperation Council as a case study
Sam Alfoqahaa
Wed, 2014-12-03
The_requirements_for_the_Arab_countries_to_benefit_from_WTO_membership_Proposed_accession_of_Jordan_to_the_Gulf_Cooperation_Council_as_a_case_study.pdf478.31 KB
Research Abstract: 
Jordan's accession to the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) is a major shift for Jordan, and this shift is an integral part of the movement of formation of an Arab as well as global  trade blocs taking into consideration the  positive effects that these trade blocs have on the Member States and others.  Hence, there is an urgent need for the development of the Arab markets in light of the benefits and challenges that WTO has brought. Accordingly, this research came to highlight the importance of economic integration of the Arab countries through discussing and exploring the proposed  accession of Jordan's into GCC. This study is exploring  two major issues: the role of Arab economic integration in  taking advantage of the WTO, and the importance and requirements of Jordan's accession to the GCC. The study adopted the method of qualitative research in the presentation and analysis of data. The study concluded that formation of Arabs  trade blocs is one of the most  important means for Arab countries to take advantage of its membership in the  WTO. Despite the challenges surrounding building such alliances, this is  practically possible.  A  number of recommendations  were  provided at the end of  the study to help to accelerate the pace of  formation  of Arab  trade blocs  and  maximize the benefit of globalization, which is offering myriad of economic  opportunities . Research Presented to The 10th International Scientific Conference .  The  Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences:  Exploring The Future Of The  International Trade In The Light Of The World Trade Organization . ISSN 2072 - 8867. Zarqa University, Zarqa  –  Jordan. December 3 ed -  4 th ,2014