Education Under Occupation -Listening to Girls’ Stories

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saida Affouneh
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The focus of this research is to highlight the ways in which armed conflict, in this case the Israeli Occupation and the Second Intifada, have conspired to deny the Palestinian child an appropriate education. Additionally, this study intends to highlight how this denial is gendered, resulting in profoundly negative emotional and psychological experiences for Palestinian girls. This research is important because there is limited information concerning the violation of girls' rights during conflict situations, especially with regard to their right to education. Further still, is the lack of documentation on girls’ perceptions of their situation during conflict. The data analyses show that girls have suffered from different kinds of humiliation, stress, withdrawal and feelings of hopelessness. Palestinian girls suffer on a daily basis from the policies of the occupying forces and, thus, violence increases inside schools. The research illustrates how the current curriculum does not meet the girls’ needs. A case study of one of the more affected schools, Qurtoba School, is presented in order to illustrate the difficulties Palestinian girls face as they access 6 schooling.