The Impact of the Siege on the Palestinian girls Listening to the Girls of Qurtoba School

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Saida Affouneh
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Many reports have highlighted the violations of human right to life, health, and education during times of conflict.  In the case of Palestine, where the conflict is continuing and taking different shapes, children have suffered from the impact of the conflict on their lives and development.    Many reports show that girls and children are mostly affected by war and crisis as civilians, this article examines the case of Palestinian girls and the impact of the conflict on their lives. The article consists of four sessions. The first section provides some contextual information on the political situation in Palestine.  The impact of the conflict from the eruption of the second Intifada will be discussed in the second section, while listening to the experience of Qurtoba school girls will be presented in the third section. The data was collected through interviewing the girls and teachers of Qurtoba School. The final section reflects on the developmental needs of the school girls and possible ways forward.