Bibliometric profile of the global scientific research on methanol poisoning (1902–2012)

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Journal of Occupational Medicine and Toxicology 2015, 10:17 doi:10.1186/s12995-015-0062-9
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Sa’ed H Zyoud, Samah W Al-Jabi, Waleed M Sweileh, Rahmat Awang and W Stephen Waring
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Background Methanol poisoning is on the rise and has been associated with high morbidity and mortality; it has resulted in growing research in the field of toxicology. The aim of this study was to reveal underlying patterns in scientific outputs related to methanol poisoning at the global level by evaluating different bibliometric indices.. Methods We searched for publications that contained specific words regarding methanol poisoning in Scopus database. Results A total of 912 articles, with 8,317 citations and with an average of 9.1 citations per document, were retrieved on methanol poisoning, and the bulk of the articles were published from the USA (20.9%), followed by Spain (4.4%), Canada (4.3%), India (3.1%), and France (3.0%). The articles were published belonging to 57 countries. No data related to methanol poisoning were published from 155 (73.1%) out of 212 countries. Twenty-one documents (2.3%) were published in Clinical Toxicology, whereas 18 (2.0%) were published in The Lancet. Conclusions Scientific production related to methanol poisoning is increasing. articles have been published in a wide range of journals with a variety of subject areas, most notably clinical toxicology; and the country with the greatest production was the USA.
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