Regeneration, Replaning And Development For The Central Buisiness District of Genin

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MSc. Candidate, completed 1999-2000. Supervisors: Dr. Ziad Sinan. Dr. Gehad Awad
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Rawa Abu Lawi
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Department of Interior Design, Faculty of Fine Arts, An-Najah National University, Nablus, Palestine
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Insofar, the central business district regarded as the heart of the city that has unique spiritual characteristics. It is more than a collection of buildings and a network of activities; however, it is considered the organizing spaces that can provide uplifting first impression about the structure of the whole city.
This study attempts to understand and interpret the importance of Regeneration, Re-planning, and Development of the Central Businesses Districts, in particular, the CBD of the city of Genin in my home country, Palestine. The importance of this study stems from the fact that, most of the Palestinian cities are faced the urban growth pressure and the random in the organization and development. This research has chosen the city of Genin to form a strong platform that can encourage the development and the regulation of the other Palestinian cities and the surrounding environments to be developed and regenerated. Genin city was suffered from the deterioration and the randomization in the organization and the development. Such a development can help to achieve: a high level of economic and management issues; can help to identify the potential elements that help to facilitate the operation of marketing; to provide more attractive and aesthetics to the center; and can help to stop the physical urban development inside Mergae Bin Ammer (plain) which achieve the most investment for the city.
This study uses qualitative and quantitative methods approaches. Data were collected using personal observations, semi structures interviews, maps, photos, cameras, literature review, and a survey for the built environment of the CBD. The survey included built up area, legislation, landmark, land use and height of the building, distribution of utilities, and the transportation. This survey helped to address the problems and the difficulties that faced the CBD of Genin city.
The conclusions of the study displayed strategies, plans, solutions, and recommendations with some visualization that help in regenerating, re-planning and developing the city centers in both the macro and micro levels.
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