The Dead Sea And Sodom People

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Al-Aqsa University Journal (Humanities Research)
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Radwan J. El-Kelani
Earth Sciences and Seismic Engineering Centre, An-Najah N. University, Nablus, Palestine
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The origin, the salinity and the relation of the Dead Sea to Sodom People have been controversial among researchers for many decades. Recently, the crustal structure of the Dead Sea Transform (DST), which forms a part of largest Tertiary rift system, has been well studied and documented. But the controversy still exists on the kind of punishment that was inflicted on Sodom People. Most interpretations attribute the torture to supernatural miracles. The present study discussed the relation between the origin of the Dead Sea and Sodom people from different points of view. An attempt was made to establish a scientific scenario and imagine the torture in the context of the available religious information and geological facts. What had happened to Sodom People was related to natural phenomena which could be explained and understood by human beings.