Participatory Innovation Conference, Sonderberg, Denmark

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Research Title: 
Conceptual Framework for Public Private Innovation Network (PPIN): a Technological Perspective
Rabeh Morrar
Thu, 2011-01-13
Conceptual_Framework_for_Public_Private_Innovation_Network_(PPIN) a Technological Perspective .pdf9.85 MB
Research Abstract: 

In this study, we investigate the conceptual framework for public private innovation network (PPIN) to figure out the basic components that lead to the implementation  of an efficient process of innovation. Four main internal components are included to build the conceptual framework:
1) inclusions of heterogeneous public and private actors in PPIN collaborate or interact between each other, where each has his own preferences, knowledge and technological competences.
2) Dynamic and evolutionary interaction processes.
3) The interaction-processes (ties decoupling and fragmentation) are combined with the emergence of social network, which would lead to generate knowledge disclosure between the heterogeneous agents.
4) The innovation network follow life cycle growth model, where in each stage of life cycle a set of new interactions and innovation activities take place. In addition, organizational and institutional competences are presented as complementary factors to facilitate efficient implementation of the conceptual framework.