Proceedings Of the Engineering Conference 2000

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Research Title: 
A Cartographic Model For The Evaluation Of Health Status In Less Developed Countries
Proceedings Of the Engineering Conference
Mon, 2001-08-20
Research Abstract: 
With the advent of digital computer mapping facilities and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) came new methods of data acquisition, storage, retrieval, analysis and presentation. GIS, together with cartographic modeling techniques, helps modelers to address complex environmental and socio-economic issues and analyze the results in an efficient and effective manner. This will, in turn, provide decision-makers with concrete information regarding the allocation of areas in need of development. The health status in any community is a major indicator of the well being of people. This paper will specifically outline a cartographic model for the analysis and evaluation of health conditions using GIS. Such a model, if implemented, would provide planners and developers with information about resource allocation and identification of new health service sites.