Pharmacotherapeutic Evaluation of Herbal Medications Utilized by Diabetic Patients in West-Bank / Palestine

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N. Jaradat, J. Al-Aqsa Unv., 11, 2007
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Nidal A. Jaradat
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Objective: The purpose of this study was to investigate and analyze the utilizations of herbal medications among diabetic patients in the West Bank. Method: A structured questionnaire was distributed to governmental primary health centers in west-bank. Patients attending the diabetic clinic in those primary health care centers were asked to fill in the questionnaire and give it back to the attending physician in the clinic. Every third patient attending the clinic was asked by the attending physician to fill in the questionnaire. Results: Four hundred questionnaires were distributed all over west bank primary health care centers. Three hundred and forty nine questionnaire were filled correctly and returned to the investigator. 195 subjects (56%) were found to be using herbs, with the majority of them using conventional medical treatment along herbal therapy and they thought these herbs are efficacious. The commonest herbs used were Fenugreek, Nigella seeds, Aloe Vera, Sage, Garlic and Onion. Conclusion: Herbal medication is common among Palestinian diabetic patients. Physicians who work with diabetic people should ask patients about their use of these therapies to avoid any adverse herb-drug interactions that may occur for patients receiving both conventional and herbal therapies.
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