Antibiotic Drug Cost Variations in Palestine: Physicians and Patients Dilemma

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An-Najah Univ. J. Res. (N. Sc.), Vol. 18(1), 2004
Year of Publication: 
Waleed Sweileh
Nidal Jaradat
Abeer Mustafa
Preferred Abstract (Original): 
The objective of this study was to compare and analyze drug price variations among various oral antibiotics marketed in Palestine. Price of various antibiotics were obtained from up-to-date price lists available at the pharmaceutical companies and drug agents. Price range, price ratio and price difference percentage were calculated. A price range as wide as (3 – 26 new Israeli shekels (NIS)) for ciprofloxacin with a price difference percentage of 767% was seen. In all of the cases the price difference was in favor of locally produced companies. This short communication emphasizes the wide variations in antibiotic prices in Palestine and that physicians need to pay more attention for such variations.
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