Time Physical Activity, Television Viewing and Other Sedentary Behaviors in Relation to Obesity and Cardiovascular Disease

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Graduation Project
Islam Al-Shaikh Hanan Nairat
Wala’ Odeh
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Background: There are several studies show the significant link between the sedentary behaviors, TV viewing and physical activity and cardiovascular disease and obesity. This study was design to describe these relationships. Objectives: The purpose of this study was to examine the association between TV time and morbidity from all-causes, cardiovascular disease (CVD) and obesity in aged Palestinian men and women and to examine whether this association is independent of total physical activity energy expenditure (PAEE) and other potentially confounding variables. Method: Cross sectional study was used, sampl include (40) patient distributed on (2) hospital. This sample was taken from the cardiovascular clinic in Al-watany hospital and Specialized Arabic Hospital data was collected by using questionnaire. Result: Less physical activity, television viewing and other sedentary behaviors associated with obesity and cardiovascular disease. Conclusion: There are relationships between cardiovascular disease and less practicing sports, less physical activity, and overweight, also the relationship between cardiovascular disease and smoking is weak. Keywords: Physical activity, Cardiovascular disease (CVD), Obesity, Sedentary behavior.