Patient’s Perception towards Nurses Skills & Performance

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Graduation Project
Raid Habiybeh Sare Abu Hania Khalid Makhool
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Background: Patients’ rights are an integral component of human rights. They promote and sustain beneficial relationships between patients and health care providers. The role of patients’ rights, therefore, is to reaffirm fundamental human rights in the health care context by according patients humane treatment. The need to protect and promote the dignity, integrity, and respect of all patients is now widely accepted. Aims: The study aims at providing a human resources management framework that can be used to monitor and manage changes in nurses’ performance so as to improve the performance of professional nurses in Palestine . Setting: Patients were interviewed in two governmental hospitals and one private hospital in Nablus city during an (November)-month period from (date) through unit that admits patients with complex medical and surgical needs and also serves as the step-down unit from intensive care. Sample: Interviews were conducted with fifteen patient's (8 male, 7female). Research methodological design: Using Mixed quantitative & descriptive qualitative study, interview data and content analysis of themes were used to determine patients’ perceptions of nurses’ skill. Results: No statistically significant differences at the level of significance (α = 0.05) in the perception of skills and abilities of the nurse from the perspective of the patient for services rendered to him during his stay in the hospital due to the variable of the hospital. This is because the significance is greater than (0.05). Conclusion: This study found that most of the respondents were satisfied with the nursing care with higher level of patience and use of appropriate communication skills may increase patients’ level of satisfaction towards nursing care, and these also help the nurses to be more satisfied in their work. Consequently, a program to educate the nurses needs to be institunalized. Key words: Nursing, Perception, Quality of care, Interpersonal skills.