Crystal-Structure of Lignocaine Tetrachloroferrate(iii) Complex

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Journal Title, Volume, Page: 
Zeitschrift Fur Kristallographie, 203 (Part 2). Pp. 161-166‎
Year of Publication: 
Abdoh, M. M. M.
Current Affiliation: 
Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, An-Najah National University, Nablus, Palestine
Babu, A. M.
Sridhar, M. A.
Bellad, S. B.
Indira, A.
Shashidara Prasad, J.
Preferred Abstract (Original): 

The crystal structure of lignocaine tetrachloroferrate(III) complex, FeCl14H22N2OCl4, has been determined by X-ray diffraction using CuKalpha radiation. The compound crystallizes in triclinic space group P1BAR with unit cell parameters a = 8.7151(2) angstrom, b = 10.147(2) angstrom, c = 12.215(3) angstrom, alpha = 107.19(2)-degrees, beta = 106.29(2)-degrees, gamma = 92.69(2)-degrees with V = 980.5(4) angstrom3, Z = 2, D(m) = 1.441 Mg . m-3, D(c) = 1.463 Mg. M-3, mu = 22.75 mm-1. The structure was solved using 2728 reflections [I > 2.5sigma(I)] out of 3230 reflections by MULTAN. The final residuals are R(f) = 0.085 (R(w) = 0.106).