Lentil: Origin, Cultivation Techniques, Utilization and Advances in Transformation

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Agricultural Science, 1(1): 55-62
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University of Gaziantep, Vocational School Of Higher Education In Nurdagi, Gaziantep, 27840, Turkey
Munqez J Y Shtaya
An-Najah National University, Faculty of Agriculture, Plant Breeding and Genetic Engineering, Palestine
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Abstract: Lentil (Lens culinaris Medik.) is the most ancient cultivated crops among the legumes. It is indigenous to South Western Asia and the Mediterranean region. There is archaeological evidence of lentil, dated back to 7.500 - 6.500 BC. It is cultivated worldwide, with 4.2 million ha of harvest area, producing 4.6 million tons with an average yield of 110 kg/da. It is commonly used for human nutrition, animal feed and soil fertility. The aim of this study is to give information about cultivation, origin and utilization of lentil.

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