Conferencesort icon Research Title Date
91st Annual Meeting of TRB Estimating Optimum Timings for Maintenance Treatments to Alleviate Pavement Surface Rutting Sun, 2012-01-22
ACI Spring Convention A Numerical Model for Predicting the Fire Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Beams
American Composites Manufacturers Association Modeling the Fire Performance Modeling the Fire Performance
ASCE Structures Congress Fire Performance of Reinforced Concrete Beams under Design Fire Exposure Thu, 2008-04-24
Fire Design of Concrete Structures, FIB, Coimbra, Portugal, pp. 327-341 Macroscopic Finite Element Models for Tracing the Response of Concrete Structures under Fire Conditions Wed, 2006-12-13
International Conference in Civil Engineering Soil-structure Interaction in Siesmic Analysis
The 5th International Conference on Structures in Fire Effect of Fire Scenario and Restraint Conditions on the Behavior of RC Beams