International Conference Advanced Materials (ICAM2015), At Jordan University of Science and Technology, Irbid, Jordan., Volume: 66

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Research Title: 
Size Selective Synthesis of Sulfur Nanoparticles and their Anti cancer Activity
Anas Al - Ali
Mohammed Suleiman
Ayman Hussein
Mon, 2014-12-01
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Research Abstract: 

Sulfur is an important element has many  practical applications in present as nanoparticles.  Nanosize sulfur particles also have many important  applications l ike in pharmaceuticals, medicine, sy n- thesis of nano - composites for lithium batteries, mo d- ification of carbon nano tubes [1]. Different methods  were used for nano - sized particle synthesis; among  those, chemical precipitation, electrochemical m e- thod, micro e mulsion technique, composing of oil,  su r factant, co - surfactant, aqueous phases with the  speci f ic compositions and ultrasonic treatment of  sulfur - cystine solution [2]. In this work Sulfur nan o- particles (S NPs) were prepared by a quick precipit a- tion method w ith and without using a surfactant to  stab i lize the formed S NPs