The Effect of Oral Selective Alpha 1 Blocker on the Intraocular Pressure in Rabbits

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International Journal of Scientific Research 4(7)386
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Mahmoud Mustafa, Inan Othman **Ibrahim M Alzuheir, Asim B. Abdel-Mageed
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Purpose:To assess the effect of oral alpha 1 antagonists on the intraocular pressure (IOP) in rabbits eye.
Material and Methods: Oral selective Alpha 1 blocker(doxasozin) was administered via an injector daily in rabbits (n=8) with an oral dose of0.08 mg/kg. Control rabbits (n=4) received equivalent oral doses of vehicle control of 
isotonic solution. The IOP of right and left eyes of both
experimental and control rabbits were measured immediately before and 2 hours
after therapy. Ten observations for each rabbit were recorded. 
Results: The mean values of IOP for the right eye before and after therapy were 13.6± 3.8 and 11.1±4.6mmHg respectively (P<0.002). The mean values of IOP of the left eye before and after therapy were 13.1±4.2 and 10.1±4.4 mmHg respectively (P<0.005). The mean values of IOP for right and left eye in control group were 15.5±3.8 and 15.4±3.1 respectively. The control group showed no significant variation in the IOP neither in the right nor in the left eye, P<0.7, P<0.13, respectively. 

Conclusion: Oral alpha 1 adrenergic antagonists result in a significant reduction in IOP in rabbit’s eye. The data may implicate potential therapeutic potential for alpha 1 blockers for treatment of patients with high IOP. Further in vitro and vivostudies are required in a large cohort to confirm our results