21th National Congress of the Turkish Association of Urology

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Research Title: 
The Relationship Between PSA Value and Testosterone Levele in Two different Regions of Turkey
Mahmoud Mustafa
Ozan Horsanli
Metin Çelik
Rahim Horuz
Akif Kucukcan
Sat, 2010-10-30
The_Relationship_Between_PSA_Value_and_Testosterone_Levele_in_Two_different_Regions_of_Turkey.pdf1.69 MB
Research Abstract: 

Purpose: To investigate the relationship between testosterone hormone and PSA levels in two different geographic regions of Turkey.
Material-Methods: The first group included 119 patients with mean age 52.73+7.53 who visited Osmaniye State Hospital for routine checkup. The second group consisted of 196 patients with mean age 50.32 +7.84 who applied to outpatients clinics in Izmir Ataturk Teaching Hospital. Ages of patients were _60 and PSA values_ 4ng/ml. Serum testosterone and PSA values were determined and the association between them was evaluated and compared on the basis of the different regions.
Results: The mean values of PSA for group I and group II were 1.11 +0.78 ng/ml and 1.75+ 10.6 ng/ml respectively(p=0.5). The mean values of testosterone levels in group I (386.4+ 154.6 ng/dl) and group II (383.9+ 170.6 ng/dl) showed no Significant difference (p=0.89). There was positive correlation between age of the patients and testosterone level (r0.22,p=0.015) in group I, however in group II there was a significant negative correlation between ages and serum testosterone levels (r=0.16, p=0.022). Serum testosterone showed no significant correlation with PSA values in both groups(group I r=0.032,p=0.73), group II r=- 0.03,p=0.65).
: No significant difference between testosterone and PSA values in both regions. There was no relation between testosterone and TPSA values. In group II testosterone level decreases with age, however in group I, testosterone showed significant increment. Further studies are needed to confirm these preliminary results and investigate the impact of this variation on the oncologic features of prostate cancer and other urologic diseases.