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Research Title: 
Probabilistic approach to scheduling divisible load on wireless network of processors
Manar Arafat
Sameer Bataineh
Mon, 2015-09-21
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Research Abstract: 
Divisible Load Theory (DLT) is a very efficient tool to schedule arbitrarily divisible load on a set of network processors. Most of previous work using DLT assumes that the processors' speeds and links' speeds are time- invariant. Closed form solution was derived for the system under the assumption that the processors' speed s and the links' speeds stay the same during the task execution time. This assumption is not practical as most of distributed systems used today have an autonomous control. In this paper we consider a distributed system (Grid) where the availability of the processors varies and follows a certain distribution function. A closed form solution for the finish time is derived. The solution considers all system parameters such as links' speed, number of processors, number of resources (sites), and availability of the processors and how much of power they can contribute. The result is shown and it measures the variation of execution time against the availability of processors.