The 5th WSEAS Int. Conf. on Software Engineering, Parallel and Distributed Systems, Madrid, Spain, February 15-17, 2006 (pp163-168)

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Research Title: 
Load Distribution in Daisy Chain & Two-level d-dimensional Tree Networks Based on Power Consumption
Sameer Bataineh
Manar Arafat
Wed, 2006-02-15
Research Abstract: 
The ad hoc network is a self-organizing wireless system. Ad hoc networks today are playing an important role in some application environments where a decentralized network configuration is a functional advantage. This paper presents a mathematical model for load distribution in a distributed computing ad hoc network. The model captures various parameters which have significant impact on the node's battery life in order to achieve a balance in power consumption amongst the nodes after distribution and computing. This takes the form of closed form solutions for the optimal data allocation over processors interconnected in either a daisy chain or a two-level d-dimensional tree networks. The work presented is different than all previous work in that it considers the equilibrium of energy in all nodes as the fundamental element in distributing the load rather than the finish time. This is important because in an ad hoc network, each node is very crucial because it is considered as a link. So it is essential to have each node stay for the longest time in the system in order to improve the overall system performance.