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Julia Droeber
Department of Sociology An-Najah National University P.O. Box 7 Nablus Palestine
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Publications in academic journals:
-A Different Kind of 'Scripture':Women’s Access to Religious Knowledge Without the Written Word”, Al-Raida, no.125, Spring 2009:17-26
-Back to Islam? Women’s Sexualities and Body-Politics in Muslim Central Asia”, HAWWA, vol.4, no.2-3, 2006:181-213
-Social Embedding of a Local Economy: Agricultural Transition and the Dungan Minority in Kyrgyzstan”, in: Balihar Sanghera, Sarah Amsler, and Tatyana Yarkova (eds.).
Post-Soviet Space. Contesting its Contours. Bern: Peter Lang AG, 2007.

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