Gender Differences Among UAE university Students due to Globalization

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Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences. Volume 20.Numb 2
Year of Publication: 
Jawad Fatayer
Department of Sociology
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Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences, Department of Biomedical Sciences, An-Najah National University, Nablus, Palestine
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An empirical study investigates the impact of Globalization on the youth of a modern Arab country; United Arab Emirates in 2004. The study introduces and new Social-Psychology theory namely Cognitive-Emotive Fission( CEF ). the author argues that CEF state in modern society tends to lead to some ill consequences at the individual and the community level. He sees the this ill cognitive-emotive state has lead to the emergence of new Personality model with seven personality profiles: nationalistic,global,nomadic,retreatist,alienated,rebellious and Zero personality. This study found that the majority of the sample showed tendency toward nationalistic and global personality. CEF is coined by the author to indicate the emotive cognitive contradictions and collisions occur within the individual's mind due to the disharmony and lack of integration in one's social reality;between what we think and what we do. CEF analysis can be applied at micro individual level as well as community and Macro society/culture level. Fatayer argues that CEF as a phenomenon is manifested in the seven personality types of people around us. We are one of them and each person tends to have one type dominant and directs her/his behavior in every day life events.
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