Addiction Types: A Clinical Sociology Perpspective

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Journal of Applied Social Science March, vol.2 no. 1, 88-93
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Jawad Fatayer
Socio-Psych Consultant
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Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences, Department of Biomedical Sciences, An-Najah National University, Nablus, Palestine
Preferred Abstract (Original): 
This work presents a new categorization and description of addiction types. The author argues that addiction is not one type neither has one set of consequences. Based on 20 years of clinical sociology practice in USA and the Arab World , the author introduces a social-psychological perspective on addiction. Addiction types presented in this work are evidence based . This work provides a diagnostic tool which enables effective treatment plan thus increase the chance for successful recovery. Most addiction literature focuses on drugs, alcohol and alike, where as many other types of addiction are ignored and while they are as destructive. This work is a challenging paradigm to the existing medical model on addiction and rather complementary in some cases. The author is a US board certified clinical sociologist, licensed chemical dependency counselor and licensed psycho therapist. He has been in clinical practice since 1984.
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