Uncertainty Relations for Some Central Potentials in N-Dimensional Space.

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Applied Mathematics, 7, 508-517
Year of Publication: 
Sami AL-Jaber
Physics Department, An-Najah National University
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Physics Department , An_Najah National University
Preferred Abstract (Original): 
We study the uncertainty relation for three quantum systems in the N-dimensional space by using the virial theorem (VT). It is shown that this relation depends on the energy spectrum of the system as well as on the space dimension N. It is pointed out that the form of lower bound of the inequality, which is governed by the ground state, depends on the system and on the space dimension N. A comparison between our result for the lower bound and recent results, based on information-theoretic approach, is pointed out. We examine and analyze these derived uncertainties for different angular momenta with a special attention made for the large N limit.