The Eighth Palestinian International Chemistry Conference (PICC 2015) "Chemical Sciences Towards Knowledge Based Economy" At An Najah University, Nablus, Palestine

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Research Title: 
Critical Behavior of the Density of Binary Liquid Mixture Cyclohexane – Phenol
Ghadeer Nafez Hussien
Issam Ashqer Issam Ashqer
Iyad Saadeddin Iyad Saadeddin
Wed, 2015-04-22
Research Abstract: 
The dynamic shear viscosity coefficients of the binary liquid mixture cyclohexane - phenol for different temperatures and concentrations are measured using glass capillary viscometer. Dynamic shear viscosity anomaly is observed near the critical temperature T_c =17.0℃ and the critical concentration x_c=2.70% by weight of phenol. Mode Coupling Theory is used to fit our experimental data above the critical temperature. It is found that the value of noncritical part of the dynamic shear viscosity η_0 = 0.8174 cP. The power law is expected for the mass density above critical temperature. The value of noncritical part of the mass density is found to be ρ_0= 0.7357 gm/cm^3 . The critical isobaric thermal expansion coefficient α_p c was calculated to be 2.07x10-6 0C-1. The critical isobaric specific heat c_p was found to be 106.6 J/kg.K, Joule`s constant. Joule^' sconstant was found 4.11180 Calori/joule and pressure derivation of the critical temperature 〖T_c〗^' was also calculated to 1.22x10-4 K/Pa.