Storm Drainage Network for the City of Redlands, California

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Master Thesis
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Ihab Hijazi
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Department of Urban Planning Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, An-Najah National University, Nablus, Palestine
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The Public Works Department (PWD) at the City of Redlands is in charge of managing the storm drainage system. The PWD is responsible for a number of operations such as maintenance, checking the cleanliness of the sinks, and providing information to the public about the storm drainage system. Presently, PWD storm drainage management activities rely heavily on hard-copy maps generated originally by several consultants. The current work flow has many drawbacks and limitations that are recognized by PWD management. For example, the current work flow is time consuming and has direct impact on the quality of services that the PWD provides to the public. Another drawback is that it does not allow for efficient planning. This affects the network expansion into newly developing areas.

The GIS solution that is proposed in this document addresses the above drawbacks and further focuses on two main issues: data migration from current manual hard-copy maps towards a geodatabase, and GIS customized interfaces that enables PWD to better manage the current network. This document provides the methodology for data migration from the hard-copy maps toward ESRI’s geodatabase environment. It also provides PWD with enough information that a trained technical person can further develop and build on the work established under this project. Furthermore, this document describes several customized tools that were developed to address the data maintenance operations and allows PWD to better respond to their customers’ requests.