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Generating a Geotechnical Map for the City of Nablus by Comparing Two ‎Functions of GIS Software
Ihab Hijazi
Lama Asmah
Isam Jerdaneh
Tue, 2013-10-29
Generating a Geotechnical Map for the City of Nablus by Comparing Two ‎Functions of GIS Software2.13 MB
Research Abstract: 

Geotechnical maps is a commonly used to support project and land use planning, It can provide engineers with information about  soil type and its bearing capacity and therefore help to know the best location for specific building and the best type of foundation  .to be used in order to avoid problems that can be caused by soil such as swelling  In this paper Geographic Information System (GIS) was employed to construct a knowledge base for geotechnical experts. The  procedure based on employing the ArcGIS software and its extensions: Geo-statistical and Spatial Analyst in applying interpolation  methods and representing results. Soil data for more than 100 boreholes logs distributed within city of Nablus were manipulated .through ArcGIS software to test its capability for spatially modelling its types all over the city  ,The interpolation procedures were implemented to display the soil type information for any point of the whole area. Kriging  .Inverse Distance Weighting (IDW) and Thiessen polygon interpolation procedures were used to predict soil type’s distribution  The qualitative description of the soil was turned into quantitative figures that could be interpolated by means of coding. The  results of the study showed non realistic distribution for soil types at some places when using IDW and kriging methods, the  .minimum average error in predicated soil type was achieved when using the Thiessen polygon method  It can be concluded that GIS techniques through ArcGIS and its extensions could be considered as a good base for developing an  .expert system for geotechnical investigation for soil types