Portland International Conference on Management of Engineering and Technology (PICMET)

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Research Title: 
Linking R&D investment strategies to Business Needs - Strategic Technology Alignment Roadmapping (STAR)
Arman, H.
Gindy, N. N. Z.
Cavin S.
Sun, 2009-08-02
Research Abstract: 

The results of many empirical and theoretical research studies highlight the need for a robust and integrated strategic technology planning tools to enable high technology companies to sustain a competitive advantage in an endlessly changing business environment. The objective of the integrated technology roadmapping methodology STAR outlined in this paper is to enable companies to align their technology acquisition programmes to meet their business objectives. The STAR methodology is based on closely coupling several techniques and methodologies to provide an integrated framework for guiding and justifying investments in R&D projects to achieve the optimum project portfolio that supports enterprise business drivers. The data and information generated during the roadmapping process are captured and facilitated via in-house developed software tools and stored in a common knowledgebase, which covers business drivers, market drivers, market segments, products, technologies and their relationships and hierarchies. The STAR framework and methodology has been tested in a real industrial environment. Feedback indicates a desire to implement STAR methodology throughout the company to support strategic technology investments. Further case studies have been implemented in aerospace SME companies and encouraging feedback showed a potential of future exploitation in other business sectors.