Sensor Technologies and Applications, International Conference

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Research Title: 
Routing Fairness Model for QoS Optimization in Wireless Network
Hanal Abuzanat
Benoit Trouillet
Armand Toguyeni
Cap Esterel
Mon, 2008-08-25
Research Abstract: 

This study aims to develop and optimize the Quality of Service (QoS) with fairness in wireless ad hoc networks. We will discuss the conception and the mechanisms that are specified by IEEE802.11e (EDCA) standard which is concerned to QoS in wireless adhoc networks. IEEE802.11e (EDCA) enhances the original standard by enhancing the distributed coordination function (DCF). DCF consists in deferring the channel access in ad hoc mode. Thereby, EDCA differentiates and classifies the packets in access categories depending on their priorities. However, there are many propositions that develop the QoS in ad hoc mode. They are based on control access channel such as Multiple Access Collision Avoidance with Contention Window optimization (MACAW). This model is enhanced with (RAMAC) to access channel fairly by differentiating the routed and owned packets in routing nodes. Our proposition (F-EDCA) is to enhance and develop QoS of EDCA in adhoc networks by implementing the principles of RAMAC. Thus, the transmitted queued packets in routing nodes will be differentiated depending on their priorities (EDCA specifications) and their type (Owned or Routed packet) to apply fairness in routing nodes.